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Completing the Royal Family

The Full Deck

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The Time for a New Game is Now!


Ever wonder why women are underrepresented in a deck of cards? Why the King has a Queen, but the Jack has no peer?  We did.  So we dug into the history of playing cards to find a female equivalent to Jack. No luck.

Introducing Dawn, the new female face card. 

Play your game of choice with the complete deck. How does it change the way you play?  How open to change are you?  We challenge you to find out."

p.s. If you want to maintain a 13-card suit, take out the Jack for a change! 




Introducing Dawn

the logical complement to Jack








The Full Deck

poker cards

The 56 card deck contains a 4th Royal, Dawn;  completing the deck.  Casino quality playing cards with a luxurious linen surface.