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The Time for a New Game is Now!

Ever wonder why women are underrepresented in a deck of cards?  Why the King has a Queen, but the Jack has no peer?  We did.  So, we dug into the history of playing cards to find a female equivalent to Jack. No luck.  Introducing Dawn, the new female face card, and the logical complement to Jack.  We challenge you to play your game of choice with the complete deck.  How does it change the way you play?

p.s. If you want to maintain a 13-card suit, take out the Jack for a change! 

p.s.s  The Full Deck, by FullDeck Cards LLC, contains 56 cards plus 2 Jokers.  We added a fourth royal, DAWN, to the traditional 52 card deck.   

p.s.s.s. Our cards are printed on casino quality paper with a linen finish, for long lasting play.  Made in the USA.


About Us


Katie Kelly Bowles

(written by Simona and Lucy)

Is the best travelling partner and roommate.

Lover of children and pets, and once ran a home menagerie that included a llama and pot-bellied pig.

Learned the hard way that a dirty martini is not what you expect in Tanzania.

Has had serial successful careers in high-tech sales, non-profit fundraising, and as a personal mastery trainer.

Happiest when helping others, loves to be of service.


Lucy Valentine Wurtz

(written by Katie and Simona)

Secretly wants to be a detective.

Dedicated to helping people escape extreme poverty in East Africa through small business development.

Her idea of a marathon is reading a book straight through.

Is an amazing attractor.  It’s magic. Divinely guided on so many things.

Believes that work and play are interchangeable.


Simona Hodek Martin

(written by Lucy and Katie)

Is both an engineer and an artist.

Is a native Bohemian and refuses to sit at the girl's end of the table.

Always looks like a piece of art.

Decorates like a set designer for Halloween (shall we talk about the themed rooms?).

Was raised by her Dad who taught her that she can accomplish ANYTHING.


The Full Deck is a 2018 copyright of Full Deck Cards, LLC. Made in the USA.